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Ballistic Striking by Val Riazanov (2 DVD)

Вид спорта: Systema
Продолжительность: 127 min. (50 min. + 77 min.)
Язык комментариев: английский
Описание: Ученик и последователь Михаила Рябко, спортсмен и инструктор Валерий Рязанов знакомит с концепцией "баллистических" ударов...

I would like to ask you a few questions…
• How much more confident would you be if you absolutely knew you could defend yourself against an attacker?
• Would you feel safer in a dangerous area or situation if you where carrying a 15 pound club?
• Would you like to know how to deliver a blow with your own hands that is utterly devastating regardless of your size, strength or training with little or no effort?
I can show you exactly how to achieve all of these things but first let me tell you a little about myself and how I came to learn this knowledge. As a young boy I grew up in an area of the Ukraine while it was still part of the Soviet Union. As a child there was not a lot of opportunity for me in this area but I was eventually singled out as a gifted athlete and soon became part of the Russian Olympic Judo Squad.
After several years I was then pressed into compulsory military service (that is a nice way to say I was drafted) with the Russian Army. In time I became part of the elite Russian Special forces and worked for the KGB. Needless to say the training in combat both armed and unarmed during these many years was intensive. I learned things I will never teach due to how dangerous they can be in the wrong hands. Even what I reveal in Ballistic Striking must be used responsibly and only in self defense.
After the break up of the Soviet Union I felt it was necessary to leave my home and immigrated to the United Kingdom where I now live with my wife and kids. Since coming to the United Kingdom I have had an interesting life and have been the Head of Security at several Night Clubs, a Russian Systema Master and an unlicensed Heavy Weight Boxing Champion.
As you might imagine I have seen more then my share of combat inside the ring as a sportsman. Yet the real brutality I have witnessed has been on the streets and from the poor streets of the Ukraine to the everyday streets of Europe an the United States I have found one constant thing to be true…
No matter where you go some people are simply vicious and hateful and attempt to do harm to others.
As a compassionate man as I have realized this I decided it was important to teach what I know. Remember when I asked you if you would feel better if you where carrying a 15 pound club? What I have learned in my years and as a master of ancient Russian Martial Arts is that you don’t just have one, you actually have two of these clubs in your possession at all times.
Think about this, the average adult human arm actually weights 15 pounds, in Ballistic Striking what we teach you to do it unleash that weight. With the techniques in Ballistic Striking you will be able to…
• Hit harder then you ever imagined
• Deliver devastating strikes from any position
• Know exactly how to strike in just hours rather then years or decades
• Stop an attack with almost no effort
• Deliver “hidden strikes” that are not seen until the point of impact
You may ask yourself why I am willing to release these instructional videos when many of these techniques are considered closely guarded secrets. It is simple, I believe that no one should be denied the ability to defend themselves. Ballistic Striking when properly used can save your life and return you to your family rather then ending up as a statistic, such things should not be held secret from those that wish to know them. In short I don’t want to see
• A young woman abused by a man just because he chooses to and is “stronger” then her.
• A hard working man beaten to death by thugs and his family then has to live with out him.
• A young boy afraid to live his life, play games and go to school because his is bullied picked on or beat up.
I don’t want to see anyone abused, hurt, killed or injured by the minority of society that kill, harm and steal from others just because they can. In short my life has been blessed since I moved to the west and I am providing this knowledge as a gift in return for the opportunities that have been given to me.
With the easy to learn techniques in Ballistic Striking you can vastly improve your ability to defend yourself. If you are a martial artist or competitor you can add the ability to deliver devastating strikes to your knowledge of the fighting arts. If you are just an average person you can give yourself and edge in life that can never be taken away from you.
Ballistic Striking is quick and easy to learn, devastatingly effective and available to you right away.

1 DVD Content:
Mechanics Basic
Maximum Force
Movement and Striking
Summary Special Bonus – One-on-one training session with Bryan Swink of USA Martial Arts

2 DVD Content:
Hand Pad Training
Mind Training
Stick Training
Reacting to Strikes
The Mechanics
Whip Training
Movement Training
Tight Quarters
Длительность127 минут
АктерыVal Riazanov
Кол-во дисков  2
Форматmpeg2 DVD
УпаковкаBox с цветной полиграфией

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